Terms & conditions

Pre-booking Activities


In order to ensure a spot in our planning, our activities can be pre-booked easily by filling the reservation form on our website. Pre-booked activities are person-specific and cannot be used by other persons.

After your reservation request, we will send you an invoice per email listing the requested activities. Within 5 working days of the invoice date we require a down payment of 25 %, with a minimum of € 60 per booking.

The amount of the down payment needs to be transfered to the bank account or via PayPal as mentioned on the invoice.

Once we have received the amount you will receive a reservation confirmation email and your activity is booked. The remaining amount can be paid with Debit/Credit Card or Cash on location.

A day-to-day planning of the activities is usually made via Whatsapp/Phone call or email.

Cancellation and rebooking policy

Horizon Diving offers extensive flexibility in pre-booking.

During the entire 2023 season, rebooking and cancellation request will be accepted free of charge, if requested in writing and 7 days prior to your activity reservation date.


10 % Discount for Groups and Families

We offer groups and families existing of 4 participants or more 10% discount on all scuba diving and snorkeling programs , when they make as a group together , at the same time.


We offer transfer services from areas in a logical distance from our diving base. We will apply small charges for bigger distances.


All our scuba diving and snorkeling services , as well transfers with our car and boat are covered by liability insurance . If you would like to have an extra full diving insurance coverage , we can make it easily for you through Dive Assure , one of the biggest insurance company worldwide.

Equipment rental

We will provide you with brand new and high quality diving or snorkeling equipment . You should give it back to as in the same condition . In case of a damage because incorrect use or own mistake , we will apply extra charges.

Scuba diving Programs

Exploration dives / Dive packages

Our diving packages are only for certified divers. Prices are based upon making 2 guided dives per day. Boat dives, road trips to south coast, cave dives, wreeck dives and night dives are part of your dive package. However, the additional surcharge for these dives is not included in the package price and will be added to the price on location.

Our diving packages are strictly personal and you cannot share your package with another diver.

The dive prices include:

Tanks & weights
Guidance by a professional dive guide / instructor
Diving insurance
A personal diving bag with all your diving equipment
Spare equipment and First Aid equipment including emergency oxygen are on the boat/car at all times ready to be used
Snack and drinks
Fees and taxes


For several activities, we ask a surcharge. This is an extra amount that we charge on top of your dive package.

Surcharges are charged for:

Boat diving
Wreck diving
South coast
Deep diving
Cave diving
Night diving
Refresher dive / Skills update
Private services

Our dives have a maximum dive time of 60 minutes or until a minimum of 50 bars.

We do not make decompression dives. Dives deeper than 30 meter can be planned in when noted in advance and only when our planning and the weather conditions allow for it.


Medical approval for diving

Each diver is responsible to prove that he or she is medically fit to dive. For that purpose, a medical questionnaire has to be filled and signed before any activity . The questions on the medical questionnaire should all be answered with a NO. If you have one or more questions that need to be answered with a YES, you will need a medical approval from a doctor (not older than one year). This Doctor Approval must be presented before the start of your diving activities.

You can find easily the medical questionnaire HERE .


Logbook and certification card

Every diver joining our exploration dives is expected to produce his logbook and diver certification card to our staff. These items prove the diver’s experience and level of certification. Of course E-cards and e-logbooks are acceptable.


Refresher dive / Skills update course

Divers who have not been diving for 12 months or longer need to start off with a Skills update course/Refresher dive, unless they meet at least two of the following conditions:

Level of Rescue Diver or higher
40 logged dives or more
Have been diving in the past 24 months
Rental equipment

The basic set of equipment we offer for rent is new and high quality.


A basic diving gear set includes:

Mask & Snorkel
Fins – Boots – Wetsuit ( 5mm)
BCD/ Jacket
Regulator set including: alternative air source, depth gauge & Submersible pressure gauge
Dive Computer
GoPro Hero 10 underwater cameras are available for rent. An additional rental price is charged per day.
Dive computer

Certified divers who want to dive deeper than 12 meters are required to use a dive computer.

Using own equipment

Divers bringing their own diving equipment are expected to have it in a good state. Make sure your gear is working properly and is serviced on time. Private gear will be checked by one of our trained staff members for good functioning. If our staff believes that a diver’s private equipment is not working properly or is not well maintained, we will not allow this diver to dive with us using this equipment. In this case the diver will be offered to rent equipment from the diving center instead. We are also certified professional service technicians for the brand Cressi, so for that brand we can also offer a quality service. This measure is to ensure and protect the safety of both our guests as well as our guides.


Scuba Diving Courses ( e-learning )


Course prices

SSI Course prices including rental equipment also include the mandatory student training materials, such as compass, dive computer and dive tools.

Course prices include:

Theory sessions (eLearning)
Practical lessons (Surcharges where applicable)
Diving Equipment
Certification costs
Course prices do not include:

Extra lessons needed to reach the course standards


Private Boat Cruises

Half day Cruise ( Daily 9:00 & 15:00 )

During a Half day Cruise you will visit two destinations for snorkeling or scuba diving .

You will enjoy about one hour cruising , 3,5 hours of water activities and 30 minutes break for snack & drinks.

This program is 100% private with professional guidance and is adapted to fit in 5 hours .


Full day Cruise ( Daily 9:00 – 16:00 )

During a Full day Cruise you will visit three destinations for snorkeling or scuba diving .

You will enjoy about 1,5 hours cruising , 5 hours of water activities and 30 minutes break for snack & drinks.

This program is 100% private with professional guidance and is adapted to fit in 7 hours .



The prices for the Private boat cruises are for the whole group . Maximun boat capacity is 6 people .

Prices include : transfer , captain / instructor , gasoline , snorkeling course / equipment , professional guidance, full cover insurance, snack & drinks , fees & taxes.


Extra Charges

There are extra charges for GoPro Hero 10 underwater camera rental or scuba diving equipment rental.